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Stand Alone Novels

Out 17 Oct 2023


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Jack West Novels


Scarecrow Novels

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These short stories are available as a free downloadable PDF.


Jack West Jr and the Chinese Splashdown

A special prequel to The Two Lost Mountains from Australia’s favourite novelist and the author of both the Jack West Jr and Scarecrow series.

When a satellite hunter intercepts a top-secret transmission from the Moon, his old friend Jack West Jr is his only hope…

Roger Ascham and the Dead Queen’s Command

A special sequel to The Tournament from Australia’s favourite novelist and the author of both the Scarecrow and Jack West Jr series.

When her life is threatened by an anonymous assassin, the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth I knows there is only one man she can trust to find the killer before he strikes: her unorthodox childhood tutor and mentor, Roger Ascham.

Jack West Jr and the Hero’s Helmet

Jack West Jr. Adventurer. Scholar. Warrior. He is known for his cool head under pressure . . . and also for the battered fireman’s helmet he has worn throughout his adventures.

This is the story of how he got it.

Roger Ascham and The King’s Lost Girl

In this special prequel to The Tournament, Roger Ascham, the unorthodox tutor of Princess Elizabeth, is tasked by King Henry VIII with a most unusual and dangerous mission.


Complex 13

Did the Soviet Union have its own Area 51? Discover the mysteries within.

The Dead Prince

Name of the Rose meets Basic Instinct in this old-world thriller.

Time Tours

Mitchell Raleigh is once again in trouble when his Time Tour goes horribly wrong…

The Rock Princess and the Thriller Writer

An is-it-or-isn’t-it-autobiographical romance tale, starring Mitchell Raleigh.

Altitude Rush

Altitude Rush first appeared in Girls’ Night In 2: Gentlemen by Invitation in 2001. What do two master thieves do to get across Manhattan in broad daylight when they can’t touch the ground?

A Bad Day at Fort Bragg

Bad Day at Fort Bragg is a short story Matthew Reilly wrote in 2001 for the Bulletin. When a by-invitation guided tour of the Fort turns into an ambush executed by disgruntled Delta Force soldiers, Mitchell Raleigh, thriller writer, must use his researched military knowledge to help save his life.

The Mine

A four-part tomb-raiding adventure that includes all things distinctively Reilly! From mutant animals to deadly traps, can Australian archaeologist Dr. Jessica Chase escape The Mine?

Rewind / The Fate of Flight 700

Written two years before the film Memento, Rewind is the screenplay for a short film that plays out in reverse. If any aspiring film-makers would like to make Rewind into a short film, Matthew advises that they are welcome to do so — on one condition: that he gets to see a copy of the finished product! It has been produced at least once, in 2004 by independent filmmaker Andy Stark.